Charming, pretty and a beautifully versatile shaker kitchen

Waterford Paint To Order

Explore the elegance of our Waterford Paint to Order collection—a stunning shaker kitchen adorned with a painted ash veneer. This exquisite design boasts intricate beading encircling the shaker frame, embodying timeless sophistication. Customize your kitchen’s aesthetic by selecting a paint colour that complements your home, perhaps opting for a sleek black finish paired with our matching cup and knob handles for a cohesive and refined look. Elevate your space with the classic style and personalised touch of Waterford Paint to Order..

Classic Design

Discover our sophisticated freestanding dresser unit, crafted from stacked walnut cabinets with a convenient open storage area underneath. This elegant piece combines practicality with style, offering a unique storage solution that adds a touch of luxury to any space.

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