Discover British Countryhouse Charm with Our New England Paint to Order Collection

New England 

 Our New England range brings an infusion of style and sophistication to every kitchen space, seamlessly marrying classic craftsmanship with subtle yet remarkable detailing that exudes warmth and effortless style. Inspired by the unforgettable golden horizons of a New England fall, our designers have diligently worked to capture this natural splendour in a real wood kitchen that promises to enchant. Choose from the classic charm of ivory or unleash your creativity by selecting a carefully considered colour from our curated paint palette. Elevate the traditional in-frame kitchen design by introducing a subtle twist through the infusion of colour – a bespoke touch that ensures your kitchen is as unique as you are.

Timeless Elegance 

Crafted with veneered timber in a shaker style, the doors and drawers gracefully open from a framed cabinet. Achieve your perfect aesthetic with our extensive palette of paint-to-order colours and choose from a selection of classic or modern handles to complement your ideal style.

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